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Name Necklace"Danielle" - 18K White Gold Plated for Danielle jewelry personalized

Name Necklace
Name Necklace
Name Necklace
Name Necklace
Name Necklace
Name Necklace
Name Necklace
Name Necklace
Name Necklace
Name Necklace
Name Necklace
Name Necklace
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Name Necklace"Danielle" - 18K White Gold Plated for Danielle jewelry personalized
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UV, SUN, DUST Protection: You will discover that the ultraviolet rays will be blocked under the burning sun when going out for fishing, hunting, cycling, motorcycling, running or other activities. Wearing our heard wear, balaclava, face mask or neck gaiter will block up to 95% of the ultraviolet rays from your head, face, neck and ears to further protect your skin from being over exposed to the rays of the sun.
Diversified wearing methods: You can use it as neck gaiter, headband, wristband, hiking, headband, Bandanna, head wear, head wrap, scarf, mask, balaclava, hat, neck warmer, wind or dust screen and much more. Why waste money to buy headband, neck gaiter, bandana, headwear, balaclava and cap while our products can let you have all these?
Design: NFL Team logo. This is the perfect gift for fans collection. A good product can make you look more beautiful and can be used at any time. Besides outdoor sports, you can also wear it to various Festival parties and masquerade balls.
Lightweight, breathable, Moisture wicking and Quick-drying for cool comfortable wear
Perfect for kids teens to go to school, outdoor activities, shopping and other activities
It can be widely used in various outdoor activities, including cycling, fishing, hiking, running, hunting, riding, yoga, travel, or climbing mountains, etc.
The summer face mask are made of elastic soft and breathable fabric material, close to your skin and can draw sweat away from your face and dry quickly, UV-Proof, Sand-Proof, Windproof.It is easy to be adjusted and suitable for most of men, women.

Q: Can I shower with my Personalized Necklace?

A: Yes, our necklaces are made to resist water. However, in order for them to retain their former shine, we recommend not to get them wet. It is, therefore, possible to take it in the shower, but we do not recommend it.

Q: Can I write the first name in special characters (in Arabic, Russian, etc.)?

A: We now offer the possibility of writing first names in the language of your choice! All special characters are also available (for example: @, $, &, *, ...)

Q: Is it possible to put a space in the first name?

A: This option is not available at the moment.

Q: Is it possible to put accents in the first name?

A: Absolutely, you can put the accents of your choice. Please write the first name with its accents when ordering.

Q: Do you have any inventory?

A: No, every necklace crafted by Personalized Necklace is unique. This means that when we receive your order, we start crating your new jewel. Thus, each necklace is uniquely crafted once we receive your order.

Q: Can I adjust my necklace?

A: YES! Our necklaces are adjustable. We understand not everybody likes to wear our necklaces the same way, this is why we added an extension so you can wear it with style.

Notice for gold plating:

Gold-plated jewelry can tarnish and flake over time, so they require special attention on a daily basis. Avoid wearing them when washing dishes or doing other household chores, remove them before showering and be sure to store them in their original packaging. When your jewel begins to tarnish you can let it soak in warm water with Marseille soap to give it a second youthfulness.

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