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How to maintain my necklace?

How to take care of my personalized necklace?
Your necklace is a delicate being. Treat it as such.

Gold-plated jewelry can tarnish and flake over time, so it requires daily attention.

Avoid wearing them when doing the dishes or other household chores, remove them before taking your shower and have the reflex to put them back in their original packaging.

Saline or chlorinated water can also damage your jewelry, so bathing is not recommended.

The fine plating of golden jewelry on contact with skin and sweat can deteriorate.

To keep your gold or gold plated jewelry in good condition, clean it regularly.

Do not use :

- Toothbrushes with hard bristles

- Abrasive sponges

- Very acidic products (or otherwise with a lot of water)

- Powdered products, even baking soda, if it is not dissolved

- Products for silverware and other chemicals.

We recommend avoiding overly intensive cleaning, which could damage the plating.

How to clean your jewelry?

Option 1:

Alcohol and water

Clean the gold-plated jewelry with a cloth dampened with an equal mixture of mineral water and household alcohol.

Rinse under water, then dry with a cloth, and polish with a microfiber cloth.

Option 2:

Soapy water

Clean the gold plate with a small sponge soaked in water in which you will have dissolved a little detergent for the dishes.

Rinse then place them on a clean cloth then wipe them with a fine cloth.

Option 3:

Water and ammonia

Hands protected by household gloves, clean the jewel with a sponge moistened with hot water and a few drops of ammonia.

Rinse under the tap.

Dry immediately.

Option 4:

Water and baking soda

Dissolve baking soda in hot water, soak a sponge in this solution and then clean.

Rinse. Dry.

Option 5:


Pour a little toothpaste on a cloth moistened with water, apply to the object rub gently, rinse under the tap, wipe with a fine cloth, then polish with a microfiber cloth.

Option 6:


Sprinkle the jewelry well with flour and clean with a soft cloth.

Option 7:

Bread crumbs

Rub the jewel in your hands filled with crumbs of fresh bread, very soft and crumbled.

Watch out for the crumbs!

Operate above a sink or container.

Option 8:


Clean the gold plate by rubbing it with an onion cut in half. Renew the onion as soon as it darkens. Then rinse with tap water, then wipe dry immediately.

Have your gold plated jewelry tarnished?

Soak your jewelry for an hour in a bowl filled with lukewarm water and grated Marseille soap. Rinse with clear water and then wipe gently with a soft cloth

Do you want to remove stains from gold plating?

Apply a paste composed of flour vinegar and salt in more or less equal proportion.

Gently pass a cotton swab dipped in lightly diluted lemon juice over the stain.

Immediately after stain removal, rinse with a cloth dampened with mineral water.

Wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Spread with your fingertips without rubbing hard (like a massage) then rinse.

Give a shiny look to your jewelry?

Make the gold shine by polishing it with a microfiber cloth sprinkled with talc or flour.

Gold-plated jewelry can tarnish and flake over time, so they require special attention on a daily basis. Avoid wearing them when washing dishes or doing other household chores, remove them before showering and be sure to store them in their original packaging. When your jewel begins to tarnish you can let it soak in warm water with Marseille soap to give it a second youthfulness.

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